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Hannah Dworkin



Artist Bio

Hannah holds a teaching credential and a bachelor’s in anthropology and dance from the University of California, Berkeley and has her master’s in music and music education from Columbia University. She has developed a performing arts program that integrates social studies and music arts into the performing arts curriculum at Foothill Elementary School in Pittsburg, CA. She also worked as the Art and Public Education Program Specialist at the East Bay Center for the Performing Arts, helping to administer a program to assist classroom teachers to integrate the performing arts into their classrooms.

Hannah is an accomplished vocalist and dancer. Her most recent performances have been the company Opera Non Troppo Company based in Berkeley, CA and with Barely Human Dance Theater, a modern and Buto based dance company in San Francisco, CA.

Hannah’s approach to teaching the performing arts is to create a strong classroom community while teaching the subject matter. Students develop skills as musicians, historians, and team members. They learn skills essential to the performing and writing of music, the context from which art forms are created, and how to work together to create a work of art. *Se Habla Español