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Some residencies are offered by multiple Youth in Arts Mentor Artists. Each artist utilizes their own experience and approach in designing a quality program for your students.

Find the residency that interests you below, and then click on individual Mentor Artist name for more information about that artist.


Brazilian CapoeiraFabiano Pinheiro, Daniel Mattar

Contemporary DanceCynthia Pepper, Katie Issel Pitre

Creative MovementCynthia PepperKatie Issel Pitre, Hannah Dworkin

Latin American DanceStephanie Bastos, Zenon Barron, Carmen Roman

Mexican Folkloric DanceZenon Barron, Netza Vidal

West African DanceJoti Singh, Amadou Diawara


Playwriting & ProductionMelissa Jones BriggsKatie Issel Pitre

Visual Arts

Bookmaking –  Julia James, Suzanne Joyal

Chinese Brush PaintingJulia James, June Li

Collograph PrintingJulia James, Suzanne Joyal Cynthia Pepper

Colonial ArtsCathy BowmanJulia James, Suzanne Joyal

DrawingCathy BowmanJulia James, Suzanne Joyal

Mask MakingSophie CooperJulia James

Mixed Media UnleashedCathy BowmanJulia JamesSophie Cooper, Suzanne Joyal

PaintingCathy BowmanJulia James, Sophie Cooper, Suzanne Joyal

Paper Engineering & ExplorationCathy BowmanJulia James, Suzanne Joyal

Portraiture – Cathy BowmanJulia JamesSuzanne Joyal

Printmaking Without a Press –  Julia James, Suzanne Joyal, Cynthia Pepper