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Owen Smithyman, `Til Dawn 2004

`Til Dawn Alumni

Artist Bio

Owen Smithyman (`Til Dawn Graduate, 2004) has been singing since he was five and performing since age 10. After ‘Til Dawn, which he joined in 10th grade, he joined Cloud 9 at UC Santa Cruz. Since graduating, he has been with the Clef Divers for two years in San Francisco. Clearly, singing is a huge part of his life. He loves a cappella not only because of the sound, but because a cappella people are just amazing to be around. There’s a camaraderie and a sense of risking together that quickly makes you best friends. He spends much of his time being madly in love with his fiance, Kerry. He is constantly thinking up ways to solve problems, and invents gadgets on the side when he isn’t working in IT and video tech. Owen also is an avid explorer of his own inner workings, and invests heavily in learning how to live an amazing life.

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