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Pedro Rosales


Artist Bio

Pedro Rosales was born in Lima, Peru. Percussion was always a passion for him, and at the age of 14 he discovered the Cajon as his main musical instrument, taking classes with Master Ernesto Sandoval at the Art Museum in Lima. In 1989 he was part of folklorist Julio Casanovas’ “Tradiciones Peruanas” ensemble until 1992 when he moved to San Francisco , California.

Pedro co-founded, with pianist Jorge Molina, the experimental ensemble “Malambo Kombo” mixing Afro-Peruvian elements with Rock and Jazz. From 1992 to 1995 he also played for the Valdivia, Edith Bar, Octavio Ticona, Coco Linares, Rosa Flor, Marina Lavalle, Pepe Vasquez among others. Pedro’s ability to play the Peruvian Cajon has developed thanks to the contributions of fellow master Cajon players such as: Manuel “Manguey” Vasquez, Eusebio “Sirio” Pititi RIP, Braulio Barrera and specially his Mentor Jose Orlando “Lalo” Izquierdo (Founder, Choreographer, Percussionist & Dancer of Peru Negro Cultural Association). In 1995, Pedro Rco-founded Cultural Association “De Rompe y Raja” with choreographer Gabriela Shiroma, guitar player Carlos Pastor & vocalist Juan Cuba. During this time, he performed playing bongos and singing chorus with several Salsa bands in the Bay Area, such as “Sangre Latina”, “Bacan” and “La Verdad”. Pedro has also accompanied the most accomplished Peruvian touring artists since 1992 including: Jesus Vasques, Luis Abanto Morales, Arturo Zambo Cavero, Lucia de la Cruz, Lucila Campos, Peru Negro, Bartola, Jorge Luis Jasso, Manuel Donayre, Nedda Huambachano, Rosa Los Santos, Lucho Cabrera, Carlos Hayre, Johnny Farfan, Iraida.

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