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Sean Simerly, `Til Dawn 2010

`Til Dawn Alumni

Artist Bio

Sean Simerly (`Til Dawn Graduate, 2010) is also a graduate of the University of Southern California.  Following his tenure with ‘Til Dawn, Sean explored various aspects of the arts in the Bay Area and Los Angeles.  His passions have remained largely the same—exploring visual and musical forms and their interactions with each other.  Beginning in the Spring of 2014, Sean will be living in Paris for six months, using the time to finish a number of artistic endeavors. After Paris, Sean intends on following his aspirations to be in the entertainment industry.  Always looking for potential projects and activities, his days are packed full of outdoor trips, hikes, music, film, and food.  Although he no longer participates in varsity athletics, Sean is constantly playing pick up soccer, passing a football around, rock climbing throughout California, and biking to and from engagements.  Sean sees himself returning one day to Marin Country and the place he calls home.

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