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Cooking Classes, Yummy!

High-school volunteer, Josephine Wear, teaches a cooking class with the first graders. They made grilled cheese and ham sandwiches, with grilled apples and pears. Yummy! In addition to assembling the meal, the kids participated in a literacy activity that focused on writing and illustration. Jojo also talked about the importance of fresh ingredients and nutrition. Future recipes include smoothies, yogurt bowls, salad, salsa and guacamole.

No After School during Thanksgiving

Reminder! The last day of after-school for the first trimester is Friday, November 21. There is NO after-school from November 24 to December 2. We will return to after-school on Wednesday, December 2, with new classes!

The Pleasure is Mine

Every Wednesday, after a long day of studying, our students at Bayside Elementary and Willow Creek Academy have been chowing down on the most delicious after-school snack of the week! The kids have been elated to be filling up on pesto pasta, grilled chicken, homeade macaroni & cheese, and more.

Thank you to Cheryl Renee Jones, of The Pleasure is Mine at Harbor Point, A Restaurant & Catering Company. This has been a real treat!
For more information about the catering company, visit