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Celebrate Kids’ Creativity at the Sausalito Marin City Art Walk

Join Sausalito Marin City students, families and staff, along with Youth in Arts Mentor Artists and other teaching artists, at an Art Walk event on Tuesday, December 1 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. in the Bayside Elementary Multipurpose Room at 630 Nevada.


There will be over 400 student works on display, created by K-8 students of YIA Mentor Artists Brooke Toczylowski and Evan Bissell. Performances by in-school music students will be featured, along with a theater performance and capoeira (Brazilian dance-martial arts) demonstration by Youth in Arts’ Twilight After School program students.

Selected students will be honored for their work, achievement and contributions to school community life with new awards inspired by three well-known artists:

Recipients of the Frida Kahlo Award will be selected for their willingness to take risks and confidence in their approach to making art. The Dawoud Bey Award will honor students who are good listeners, who care about other people’s perspectives and who are positive community builders. And the Ruth Asawa Award will be given to students who are hard workers, determined and diligent about learning and making art.

The event is free to the community and light refreshments and dessert will be provided.

Make A Gift Donation For The Holidays

Having trouble finding the right gift for someone who has everything? Donate to Youth in Arts and we will send your friend or family member a beautiful 5″x 7″ Italian Street Painting Festival greeting card with your message.

Choose Tomoteru Saito’s painting that is pictured here or choose one of three other cards. Go to our website now to see the selections and make your donation.

Artist: Tomo Saito, Photo: Joy Phoenix

Artist: Tomo Saito, Photo: Joy Phoenix

Twilight After School Celebrates Dia de los Muertos

At the second annual Twilight celebration of the Day of the Dead, Sausalito Marin City after school students participated in an array of activities.  The Art Room was awash with vibrant color, featuring work created by students–a large altar, watercolor pastel skeleton, papel picado, and tiny clay food offerings.  Thanks to Mentor Artists Brooke Toczylowski, Suzanne Joyal, Kate Rees, & Evan Bissell for inspiring and guiding the students with their creations.

Mentor Artist Lead Students in a Sing-Along

Mentor Artist Lead Students in a Sing-Along

Students were called into the Art Room with a Aztec Conch shell trumpet and drum.  They packed in for a lively sing-along with Mentor Artist Rhonda Benin. Then they were treated to a traditional Oaxacan performance, beginning with a call to the Four Directions by Mentor Artists Ernesto Hernandez Olmos and Nydia Gonzalez, with assistant drummer Amiel Gonzalez. Students were eager to get involved in the activities and came up to the stage to play turtle shell drums, deer antlers and shakers.

Students Participate in Traditional Oaxacan Performance

Students Participate in Traditional Oaxacan Performance

Festive food was donated by Carlos Santana’s restaurant Maria Maria in Mill Valley, and three creepy but tasty “brain cakes” were provided by The Pleasure is Mine Catering in Tiburon.