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Twilight After School Program hosts a West African teaching artist.

Bongo, a visiting artist, had the kids drumming in polyrhythmic arrangements and singing Guinean songs in the after school program this last week. He was kind enough to load up his car and bring us his very own djembes. What a great treat for our kids to drum on quality instruments! And the music the kids produced was excellent. We hope he will be returning soon!

Alpha Oumar “Bongo” Sidibe is a traditional drummer from Conakry, Guinea in West Africa. He is Musical Director of Duniya Dance and Drum Company and founder of the band Wontanara. Bongo currently lives in San Francisco.

The Marin Theatre Company performs at the Twilight After School Program!

Marin Theatre Company, Animal vs. Animal

The kids of the after school program were treated to a special live performance last Friday, March 19th.  The Marin Theatre Company brought their touring production of Animal vs. Animal (an Aesop’s Fables mashup) to the Bayside Multi-purpose Room. The talented and versitile actors played a wide range of funny and flawed characters and in the end left the great message that with positive collaboration we can do anything!

Thank You Marin Theatre Company!!

Girl Scouts visit the Twilight After School

Girl Scouts visit After School

During the month of March the Girl Scouts will be giving the young girls of the Twilight After School Program a special class. The Girl Scouts believe in developing qualities that will serve girls all their lives: leadership, social conscience, and conviction about their own potential and self-worth. In their first class they sang the Girl Scout anthem (some staff members even joined in!) then created a group mandala that taught them about collaborative art making.

It is community volunteers like Sheryl Graab, Girl Scout Leader, that help to make the after school program a fantastic place for our kids!

Twilight Students – Thinking Like Sculptors!

3-D Recycled Robot

Draft of Robot Design

The students involved in the Twilight After school program art classes taught by Mentor Artist Ascha Drake are thinking like sculptors.  They are creating “BabyBots” which are baby robots.  The students began the project thinking about What is a Robot?  They then developed sketches, and thought about what the ideal companion or sidekick would be.  What characteristics do you look for in a friend?  What do you admire in someone?  Once finished, these babybots will be the ultimate companion.  After sketching, students worked with cardboard, boxes, tin foil, and masking tape to develop babybot forms that could balance and stand.  Once these armature forms are complete and they “pass the wiggle test,” students will cover the entirety with a “skin” of plaster gauze and then they will paint them.

What is an Artist?

In the beginning of Mentor Artist Ascha Drake’s 5th grade residency at Hall Middle School, she asked students: What is an artist?  A mind map they created is pictured here alongside a student creating a colonial book.

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New Bike Classes at the Twilight After School!

The Twilight After School Program has a new addition to our weekly Programming at the Willow Creek/Bayside campus…a bike class! Every Wednesday you will find students from Willow Creek and Bayside having fun in the yard making, cleaning, and riding bikes. Students in grades 3-8 have the opportunity to participate in these amazing activities facilitated by Jonathan, a dedicated staff member from Trips for Kids – a non-profit organization that introduces young people across the globe to the world of cycling.