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Catch `Til Dawn on KQED’s SPARK

Check out ‘Til Dawn on KQED’s series, SPARK.  (The original broadcast aired on KQED in June 2004.) The segment will re-broadcast on KQED-TV 9 Wednesday, April 28 at 7:30pm.

This episode can also be seen in the South Bay on KTEH-TV 54 and KQET-TV 25 (same airdates as KQED-TV 9).  For listings click KTEH-TV 54
`Til Dawn’s artist profile can be found on the SPARK Web site and includes the video stream.

`Til Dawn Concert Get your Tickets now!

Courtesy of Photographer Tim Porter, Marin Magazine

‘Til Dawn, Youth in Arts’ teen a capella group, will appear in concert Saturday, May 8, 7:30 pm, at the Mt Tam United Methodist Church, 410 Sycamore Ave, in Mill Valley.

The singers will perform from their contemporary Rock, Soul and R&B repertoire.  Tickets are $15 general/$10 students.  Tickets are available in advance online through, by phone at 415.457.4878 or by email at

Tickets will be available at the door from 6:30 pm on the day of performance.

Also check out the `Til Dawn feature article in the May issue of Marin Magazine!

Italian Street Painting Workshop at Marin Catholic H.S.

Students and teachers were introduced to the art of Italian Street Painting on Friday. Madonnara Lisa Jones led the two-hour workshop meant to introduce Marin Catholic High School to this wonderful artform.

Blending colors

Students and teachers learning to transfer an image to the street

Lisa explained the history of Italian street painting, and the Youth in Arts Italian Street Painting Festival, and also talked about her own years of Street Painting throughout the country.

We then headed out to the street where we practiced using the tools of the trade and experimented with a variety of techniques. Read more…

The Marine Mammal Center lands at the Twilight After School Program!

Beautiful, mysterious, and magnificent, cetaceans (whales, dolphins, and porpoises) were the main topic during the visit from MMC. The Multi-purpose Room was transformed into a museum with real specimens such as bones, pelts and baleen. Second grade student, Fiona Nudd, was dressed up as whale to learn about anatomy and adaptations. This fun, interactive exhibit, presented by Barbara, also taught the kids about the bigger picture of caring for our marine environment.

Thank You Marine Mammal Center!

Middle School Creativity

Middle School Teachers learn print making and graffiti techniques

Middle School Teachers express themselves in a Evan & Ascha's professional development workshop

Inside Evan Bissell’s Arts Room

Sixth Grade

At Martin Luther King Academy (MLK) in the 6th grade students have been creating powerful black and white photos about their “truths” that they are promoting in the world…they have made pictures on facing fears, hope, play and friendship.  Coming soon “publication” of the 6th grade Willow Creek Academy (WCA) comic book!

Seventh Grade

At WC in the 7th grade students have been learning about printmaking and looking at many different women artists in honor of women’s history month.  Students have also created a series of prints highlighting women’s rights and issues that we will be putting up around the WCA campus. MLK 7th graders will be working with photography and collage to create self-portraits that show “the many sides of me.”

Eight Grade

At MLK in the 8th grade we will finish our year with the first graduating class creating a collaborative piece for the new school, using our lettering techniques that we have been working on throughout the year. At MLK in the 8th grade we are finishing up a unit on photography where students have been creating photographs illustrating “Where I’m From” based on poems written in their English class.

What is your truth?

6th grade students at Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School in Marin City have been spending the last few weeks with digital cameras in their hands.  Asked to define their personal truths, the students went out and made some powerful black and white photographs.  Our next step will be choosing which truths students want to promote in their school and community to create simple posters with text drawn directly onto the   photographs.

VSA arts at Hamilton Elementary

Tissue Paper Mosaic

Youth in Arts Mentor Artist Nadine Gay worked with students from Hamilton Elementary’s Special Day Classes for 10 weeks doing 2-D and 3-D visual arts projects.

Students in Ms. Johnson’s class first created 2-D Paper Masks utilizing simple geometric shapes, then made Tissue Paper Mosaics, incorporating lessons on color, contrast, balance and composition.

Paper Masks

Students in Ms. Kelly’s class created Japanese Paper Landscapes, studying the basic principles of perspective.  They also created colorful 3-D Paper Masks, exploring the vocabulary associated with paper exploration, including: fold, cut, tear, glue, zig-zag, straight, curvy and a multitude of shapes.

Recycled Water Bottle Art

Both classes then went on to create fascinating Animal Sculptures made from recycled water bottles. Each student learned how to make the armature of the sculpture using a water bottle, paper and tape. Once they had formed the basic shape of their animal, students then covered them with two layers of plaster gauze bandages.

Read more…

Twilight – ‘Til Dawn

On April 7th ‘Til Dawn came to the Twilight After School Program and put on a beautiful concert. It was an exciting intra-agency event where our Youth in Arts teen a cappella group entertained our k-8 kids in the after school. Beatboxing, tight harmonies, great songs, and an authentic joy of singing all blended together to capture the attention of our Twilight students for a full 50 minutes. One Youth in Arts program enriching another!

IDEAS: and how they evolve and transform….

During art integrated classes at Hall Middle School, and during the Twilight AfterSchool sessions, the young artists have been thinking about:

“How do artists get ideas?”

We have talked about the germination of an idea, and how it changes as one goes through the creative process. Students have been learning how to sketch out ideas, research ideas, be accepting when ideas change, and how to talk about ideas.

At Hall the 8th grade science classes created solar system prints. Each student had researched a planet, and they then took the research to a new level by developing a reduction linocut print. Over 4 sessions the artists brainstormed, and carved and printed images that had 3 layers of color.

planet sketch

the science lab became a print studio

example of a three color reduction print

Notice the physical nature of the carving......

Read more…

Arts Learning Community

Check out what is happening in the arts learning community being created in the

Sausalito Marin City School District

Everyone is an artist.” – Joseph Beuys

What is Collaboration? What is Community?

We learned that when there’s a problem, we should work together to solve it.”

students – Imara, Billy, & Jeremiah

Notes from the Youth in Arts Specialists:

Brooke Toczylowski, Visual Arts Specialist, Grade K-5

It has been a joy and an honor working with your children during this first year of the Arts Demonstration Grant! During the December Art Walk Event many of us had the chance to meet each other and enjoy the inspiring creations of our young artists. THANK YOU for your support of the arts! As a practicing artist and a visual learner, I believe the arts are an integral component to a quality education. Not only can art help to improve skills in the core content areas like math and writing, but I believe art can teach important skills like observation, reflection, critical thinking, leadership, self-confidence, and community.

During Open House in May a small taste of the students’ artwork from the art studio will be on display in their classrooms and in the multi-purpose room. And DON’T WORRY, YES your students’ artwork will be coming home at the end of the year for you to fill the fridge or frame for the walls of your home. We all know how important it is to show our students that we are proud of the marks they make in this world. I tell my students all the time, that when they put pencil to paper they are expressing themselves and constructing their futures.

Students in second grade are investigating Collaboration. We are reflecting and recording our experiences of making art as a team in a journal. So far, students have made newspaper sculptures big enough for someone to fit inside, a group painting with one color and its tints and shades, and now the students are working on clay communities.

Martin Luther King Academy Middle School Arts Classes

Evan Bissell, Visual Arts Specialist, Grade 6-8

At MLK we are working on projects that combine writing and photography.  In 8th grade we are creating mixed media pieces about “Where I’m From”.  In 7th grade students are creating external/internal self-portraits made from collages of photos they create.  In 6th grade students are working on mixed media photographs about personal

Willow Creek Upper School

Ascha Drake, Visual Arts Specialist, Grade 6-8

At Willow Creek we have been focusing on using the arts as a way to interpret the world, to tell personal stories, and to express a sense of self and community.  We have been experimenting with many different materials with each grade level.  In the 6th grade we are currently creating autobiographical (though some more fantastical than real) comic book strips with an emphasis on story telling.  In 7th grade we are finishing a printmaking project for Women’s History month where students were asked to create prints that promote ideas about women’s rights.  In 8th grade, students are continuing with acrylic paint on their Heritage paintings, combining patterns and figurative elements to speak about their personal history.

Twilight Afterschool Art Studio

Ascha Drake, Visual Arts Specialist, Grade K-8

Artists have been working on a sculpture project, which also requires thinking about shapes, but in a 3-dimensional way. The students began looking at reusable materials such as cardboard boxes, egg cartons, and tinfoil, and they thought about turning them into sculptural art materials. How do you make something stand and balance?  How do you attach parts so that they are secure? Students explored different ways to make sculpture; practicing skills and learning techniques to give them confidence.  The artists then embarked on a “BabyBot” project – creating baby robots that represent the perfect companion or “side kick.”  Once the skeletons were formed, the students began wrapping a plaster “skin” on the forms.  They then were able to paint the Babybots with acrylic paint – learning how to mix new colors and make wise brush choices.

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