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Mentor Artist Welcome Dinner: Building an Artist Community

Community Tree: What does it mean to be an artist? How can we use art to build community?

We were pleased to see so many familiar faces at our annual Youth in Arts Artist Welcome Dinner, held on October 21. We were able to catch up with friends old and new. We asked ourselves questions like ” Who Am I?”, “How do people see me?”, and “Why is community important?” And “How can we use art to build community?”

Mentor Artists specializing in Theater, Music, Dance, New Media, and Visual Arts worked together to create the Community Tree, illustrating how art and teaching artists can work to build a strong, vibrant, creative community.

We want to offer a special thank-you to Dharma Trading Company for their generous donation of silk paints and fabric: making our beautiful tree possible.

"How can we come together to face our greatest challenges, our biggest questions? Feel, Create, Wonder, Be... Listen, Give, Connect...

The Artist dinner offered Mentor Artists a valuable opportunity to collaborate and share.

Mentor Artists Marty Meade, Louis Chinn, and Sophia Cooper contributing their thoughts to the Community Tree

Arts Supported Learning in SMC Classrooms….

Take a walk around the Sausalito Marin City School District, and you will be struck by all of the arts integrated learning happening.

Below are insights into three classrooms: a K classroom, a 4th grade classroom, and an 8th grade science class…..

Come take a sneak peek, and learn about what teachers and students are learning.  Each class does have a collaboration with Ms. Brooke, the K-5 arts specialist, but teachers are taking what they are learning and expanding the learning into their own daily teaching practice.

Who am I?

This is a question K artists are asking themselves. Through art making, and working with found materials, students are developing awareness of their bodies.

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“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.”  – Edith Wharton

On October 26, 2010 a group of Bayside School K students and a group of Bayside School 5th grade students came together as collaborative forces.

The 5th graders have been mentors for the K students, and they have been partnered up.

Today was the first day they were given the opportunity to come together as artists.

Ms. Banks, the K teacher, has introduced the word DISGUISE to her students.

What does it mean to be in disguise?

How does it make you feel to be in disguise?

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Looking & Writing: Inspirations for Art Making


Where does it come from?

Maira Kalman describes her approach to art making as “journalistic.” She is a collector, and recognizes the unrecognized, and gives meaning and value to seemingly ordinary forms. She asks questions like, “Who am I?” and “What parts of myself do I want to reveal to others?”

Kalman is also a storyteller, and she brings readers and viewers into her spaces through the use of color, form, text, and content. She surrounds us with diverse cultural references, digressions, and question marks.

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Studio Visits Create a Community of Learners

Every collaboration helps you grow. ~ Brian Eno

The kindergarten and third grade classes at Bayside Elementary just finished a six week residency of visual arts classes with Visual Arts Specialist, Brooke Toczylowski. Students had art every day for 50 minutes. At the end of the session the two grade levels came together to share and learn from each other.

Questions were asked like: “How did you make that?” and “What inspired you?”

One artist asked another artist: “You did this by yourself?”

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Teaching Artists Coming Together

On Friday, November 12, Youth in Arts, Art Works Downtown and Marin Arts Council will host the first-ever Teaching Artist Organized (TAO) gathering in the North Bay. Join the community for an Art Walk at 5pm starting at Art Works Downtown, 1325-1337 4th Street, and then continue on to the Marin Arts Council, 906 4th Street, 6 to 7pm for a conversation with TAO leadership and other TAO-ists.  A special invite to North Bay teaching artists, arts council folks and arts providers.

TAO is a collaborative of organizations and individuals committed to the professionalization of the unique and emerging field of artist educators. Guided by their members and advisors, TAO offers services and support to address the overarching challenges of the field: working to be recognized as equally valued peers with education and community partners; meeting the logistical challenges of working in the field; and supporting and celebrating the creative practice inherent in teaching artist’s work.

TAO was established by a group of arts and education organizations in 2004–Cal Shakes, Berkeley Rep, Creative Education Institute (formerly at the Julia Morgan Center for the Arts), Theatre Bay Area, Dancers Group, Community Network for Youth Development, and a group of individual artists. With fiscal sponsorship from Community Initiatives, they began operating as a not-for-profit advisory in 2008 and now, in 2010, they have their first regular staff members and a leadership executive committee moving them forward.

We at Youth in Arts are proud to co-host this first-ever North Bay event: a wonderful opportunity for artists, educators, and community members to come together and share and inspire. We hope to see you there!

October Sausalito Marin City Arts Newsletter

Click on the link below to learn more about what has been happening in Sausalito Marin City through the Arts Demonstration Grant:


Greetings from the Sausalito Marin City Arts Demonstration Grant

We are in our second year of the Arts Demonstration Grant in Sausalito Marin City, and exciting projects and collaborations are evolving.

Last year a foundation in the visual arts was established, and this year students are being exposed to different ways to express themselves musically.

Mr. Allen Biggs has been working with the K-8 students in the SMCSD; teaching them about drumming, rhythm, reading notes, connections to Contemporary artists, and making musical compositions together.

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Vision, Strength, Accessibility!

As YIA Mentor Artist Hanna Dworkin pulls out her activity board, five young children

Students finding the magic penny.

eagerly gather with their teachers for singing time.  Hannah cheerfully begins to review the class agenda which includes a Good Morning Song, games and a song about Pepperoni Pizza.  Now, you might ask, “what do games and pepperoni pizza have to do with singing?”

YIA Mentor Artist Hannah Dworkin and student dancing "Fall Leaves"

Today, Hannah is working with students in a preschool setting who have a variety of developmental delays.  Hannah’s classroom activities are intended to teach musical skills while encouraging developmental growth in areas such as fine and gross motor skills, phonemic awareness, language acquisition and self esteem.

At Youth in Arts we believe that high quality arts education should be available to all people of all abilities.  We work hard to subsize this programming so that it is available to Special Day Classes in Marin County who could not afford it otherwise.  Every child deserves the opportunity to exlpore the world through a creative lense and express themselves in ways that are unique.

You can watch a short video of one of Hannah’s classes from Spring 2010, here.

for more information about bringing an artist to you Special Day Class, click here.

What will engage my students in learning?

Read the following question, then click on a button to select your answer.
a) increased testing
b) candy rewards
c) decreased recesses
d) creativity and expression

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