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Willow Creek Academy – “Funky Mask” project

Youth In Arts art instructor K-Dub & his  middle school Willow Creek Academy in Sausalito students mix & create fun cultural masks. After researching traditional masks from around the world, students were instructed to create masks that includes their own “Flava”.

“Thingy Name” project -Willow Creek art students Go Wild!

Willow Creek students “Go Wild” with a fun project designed by Mentor art Teacher Mr. K-Dub. Students were given the task to design their name in “thingys” as their letters. They were instructed to carry a theme throughout their artwork foreground & background. Objects & thingys used were tools,fruit,sports equipment,trees, art supplies and Mr. K-Dub’s favorite selection Bacon! The final watercolor & color pencil works created were very fun and flavorful like this inspired  Dr.Suess themed Lorax by a 5th grade student.

Bollywood & Banghara with White Hill 6th Graders

Joti Singh is the Artistic Director and founder of Duniya Dance and Drum Company. She is a choreographer, performer, and instructor of Bhangra dance from Punjab, India.

It was a pleasure to teach Indian Dance to the 6th graders at White Hill Middle School. Two of the classes learned Bhangra (a harvest dance from Punjab, India) while two classes learned Bollywood (a popular mix of dance forms from the mainstream Indian film industry). They were able to compare and contrast traditional and contemporary Indian dance forms, and after a presentation featuring videos and maps, the students were introduced to the huge diversity of dance forms in India.

From the first day, the students were enthusiastic and focused. Even the most reserved dancers were eventually drawn to the upbeat music and movement of Indian dance, and in the end all the students worked together to put on great performances.

Bhangra and Bollywood are very effective forms for teaching youth because both are upbeat and joyous dances. The music is mixed with familiar contemporary beats which young folks recognize, making it easier for them to enter into the world of Indian dance, having established a feeling of comfort with the music. The students all performed for parents, teachers and administrators at the end of the residency.

I applaud schools like White Hill that are taking the initiative to teach their students to be functional and compassionate members of our global society.

How can we use what we create to inspire YOUTH and COMMUNITY?

Message to Our Community

Mentor Artist K-Dub Williams has designed a year-long project with the teachers of Willow Creek Academy which will culminate in PSA’s by “Elder Avatars” (unique masks created by each teacher). The first Professional Development Workshop explored answering the question “How can we use what we create to inspire Youth and Community?”

We began with theater exercises designed to engage the whole body in the creative process. Teachers were asked to think of a word that represented the superpower their own personal superhero might possess: Listening, Strength, Caring, Inspiration.

When people were warmed up, we moved on to visual arts and began to brainstorm on our “Elder Avatar”. How do we design our masks to visually represent the characteristics of our personal character? First, we worked in paper. We practiced patterns, symmetry, cutting, and attaching pieces securely.

Next time, we move into cardboard and plaster.

Large ears represent a good listener.

Creating a Community SuperHero: Expressing character and a positive message through physical movements.

Collaborating to Create a Tableau Vivant: each person's pose represented the word they contributed to the group's message.