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Batik Integration: Adding Color

Third graders completed their Fabric Batiks, which will illustrate the fables they wrote featuring an animal of their choice.

Observing Animals: Drawing with Third Graders

Third graders at Willow Creek Academy have been working with Mentor Artist Suzanne Joyal to utilize visual arts to make their creative writing richer. We have been learning to look: how can you find every detail, and draw what your eye SEES, not what your mind REMEMBERS. Today we worked on observational drawing, both Gesture and Contour. The drawings of animals made from 3D sculptures were inspiring.

Pop Art at Rancho Elementary

(with Mentor Artist Angela Baker)
Fifth Graders at Rancho Elementary in Novato worked in drawing, printmaking and clay to explore Pop Art. I began the residency by showing Abstract work by Kandinsky and discussing the different types of line: straight, curved, dotted and zig zag. Students used this knowledge to create abstract wax resist paintings with oil pastels and watercolors.

In our third class, we discussed how those different types of lines can be used to draw actual objects we observe. Students then used pencil to create detailed observational drawings of everyday objects like fruit, scissors and sneakers.

In our fourth meeting, students looked at the work of Pop Artists like Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Wayne Thiebaud.  Afterwards, they created mixed media prints. The prints from Ms. Jones’ class were on display in the Main Office.

PrintHamburger OfficeDisplay

For our final project I showed the work of Claes Oldenburg and students created clay sculptures of food. 

Laurel Dell Carnival Costumes- Weeks 5-8

By Mentor Artist Gabrielle Gamboa

Note: Carnivale costume pieces created by Mentor Artist Gabrielle Gamboa’s students at Laurel Dell will be part of a special exhibit on Carnivale traditions around the world at YIA Gallery from February 14 through the end of March. The pieces will then be used back at the school in a dance festival celebration students are preparing with Mentor Artist Djenane St. Juste. Visit in February and March to see all this vivid and creative student work in person!

The last few weeks of my residency at Laurel Dell have been a whirlwind of activity. Each class’ costume is built around their crew theme: suns & moons, garden bugs, cats & dogs, candy, birds, ocean fish, or the rainforest. We used a variety of techniques to complete our headdresses, capes, vests, and masks, such as cut or torn paper, paper mache, paint, layered colored pencil, and mixed media assemblage using recycled materials.

Holiday Bookfair Fun

Youth in Arts artists and staff have been at Barnes & Noble Corte Madera this week, celebrating the holiday season with storytelling and song.

This is Youth in Arts “Bookfair” week through December 8 at Barnes & Noble. Support our programs for kids with your purchases at the Corte Madera store (click here (PDF) for coupons to take to the store, or just mention “Youth in Arts” at the Corte Madera store register).


You can also order Cheesecake Factory cakes in the Corte Madera Barnes & Noble Café–as long as you order and pay now, you can pick up any time for your holiday party! Click to download cheesecake order form (PDF)

OR shop online at from ANYWHERE through December 8 and use our Bookfair ID 11187911

Yesterday, Wednesday, Miko Lee and Nydia Gonzalez read Molly Bang & Penny Chisholm’s book “Living Sunlight: How Plants Bring the Earth to Life”  for tots and their parents in the children’s section of the store and sang songs from Youth in Arts 2012 original musical based on the book. On Saturday, Nydia was back in the shop with original cast members from the show for more singing and storytelling.

Thank you!