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`Til Dawn Sing Out!

Still Dawn: `Til Dawn alumni Sing Out!

Still Dawn: `Til Dawn alumni Sing Out!

New Georges Night Club was bouncing with energy at the 2nd annual `Til Dawn Sing Out! on December 28, 2014. Performances included the current troupe, Still Dawn – the alum and featured alum bands: BABE, MoeTar and the Riveters. The duet BABE featuring Austin Smith and Jessie Land will also be performing at Sleeping Lady in Fairfax soon. Moorea Dickason who leads `Til Dawn when Director Austin Willacy is on tour performed in both of her bands, a smaller version of MoeTar and her all women’s acapella troupe The Riveters, which also features alumna Stevie Greenwell. The Riveters CD is hot off the presses and available here. A great big thanks to all of the alum who gathered together from all over California, as well as across the country: New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, Arizona, Colorado, Oregon, New Mexico. And shout out to Natalie John for coming in from Asia. Yes we know you came into town to be with family and we are thrilled that Youth in Arts`Til Dawn is part of your family too! Here are the numbers: 150 audience members and extended `Til Dawn family enjoyed the brilliant show

`Til Dawn Director Austin Willacy

`Til Dawn Director Austin Willacy

39 `Til Dawn alum returned to showcase their talents 15 members of the current `Til Dawn company from 8 different high schools 7 singers switching in out of a single duet (septet?) 3 amazing bands featuring alum performed 1 proud Mentor Austin Willacy beaming from the sound booth We were thrilled to celebrate with you all.

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Here is the list of talented singers: ‘Til Dawn current troupe Grace Ashcroft, James Barton, Harmela Beyene, Maia Ciambriello, Kodo Elder-Groebe, Jonah Hausammann, Emily Kibbe, Ziggy Kitsou, Jason Rougeau, Josh Schussler, Kharissa Simms, Nicole Stock, Holly Voorsanger and Sara Warner Still Dawn Max Bayer, Laura D’andre, Moorea Dickason, Davey Feder, Sarah Gamblin, Chloe Gasparini, Kasie Gasparini, Lily Goldman, Erin Greenwell, Stevie Greenwell, Lily Elise, Natalie John, AJ Johnanson, Lilan Kane, Blake Killingsworth, Jessie Land, Emily Laskin, Devon Lawrence, Kyle Lemle, Ali Macmillan, Melanie Macri, Harrison Moye, Maria Pougiales-Posey, Emily Rath, Emma Reese, Randy Shapiro, Sean Simerly, Maralisa Simmons-Cook, Austin Smith, Natalie Smith, Owen Smithyman, Dan Spain, Lizzy Stahl and Delaney Tight   Check out the great gallery of photos taken by `Til Dawn Alum Dad Rob Goldman. Larger group shots taken by YIA Board Chair Peter Rodgers. Thanks guys for sharing your talents with us!

Cassandra Flipper 2014 Pamela Levine Arts Education Leader

Cassandra & Miko

Cassandra Flipper receiving the Pamela Levine Arts Education Leadership Award from Executive Director Miko Lee

Cassandra Flipper, the retiring Executive Director of Bread & Roses is the 2014 Pamela Levine Arts Education Leader! Through her work with Bread & Roses Cassandra has provided free musical performances for thousands and thousands of children of all ages.

Cassandra was recently feted in a glorious party at The Great American Music Hall with Boz Scaggs as the headliner. The Pamela Levine Award was announced at the event and then provided to Cassandra at Bread & Roses.

More information about the Pam Award and Cassandra.

Jewels of Harding


by Mentor Artist Sophie Cooper

How long does it take for one to become an author, rather than a consumer, of images and stories? For 5th and 6th graders at Harding Elementary, it only took 8 weeks! Students started out learning how images communicate, and recognizing that the images surrounding us on a daily basis are telling us stories and infusing meaning into our lives. We spoke about being aware of how images communicate stories, and that we can choose to agree or disagree with the values embedded within these  stories. Brainstorming as a class, we then created a treasure chest of values: things most precious to the students that they want to protect.

It was very inspiring to observe the students actively declaring what was most important to them and arriving at the jewel that would be the themes of their personal stories! Once they had decided on a theme, students were guided through a process of story development using traditional components of storytelling.

Equipped with their new tools of media literacy (understanding how images communicate) and outlines of stories they wanted to tell, students began searching for images on the Internet and assembling their stories using a basic video editing program. Students did a phenomenal job navigating the editing software, and many students quickly found their own way, adding effects and transitions!! Even students who had not had extensive computer experience prior to the project were able to follow the simple steps and assemble found images into a short video.

 web1  web2

As we screened the completed projects for the classes, I observed the excitement dancing in students’ eyes while watching the stories their classmates had created. It is the same dancing excitement with which they watch a TV commercial or a video clip on the internet: the innocent curiosity of what is next, the enchantment of flickering light that lures us all to cinemas. The only difference now was that rather than absorbing a message put in place by a large corporation or production studio, they were attentively watching messages created by their peers. They were discovering a new way to communicate, a new way to listen to one another.