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Laurel Dell Carnival Costumes- Weeks 5-8

By Mentor Artist Gabrielle Gamboa

Note: Carnivale costume pieces created by Mentor Artist Gabrielle Gamboa’s students at Laurel Dell will be part of a special exhibit on Carnivale traditions around the world at YIA Gallery from February 14 through the end of March. The pieces will then be used back at the school in a dance festival celebration students are preparing with Mentor Artist Djenane St. Juste. Visit in February and March to see all this vivid and creative student work in person!

The last few weeks of my residency at Laurel Dell have been a whirlwind of activity. Each class’ costume is built around their crew theme: suns & moons, garden bugs, cats & dogs, candy, birds, ocean fish, or the rainforest. We used a variety of techniques to complete our headdresses, capes, vests, and masks, such as cut or torn paper, paper mache, paint, layered colored pencil, and mixed media assemblage using recycled materials.

Laurel Dell Carnival Costumes, Pt 2

Our Carnival costumes are starting to take shape. Some of the crews are making paper headdresses and/or collars or vests, and are starting to draw, paint, and assemble them. Others are making paper mache masks. We are so very busy, and our young artists are so excited to wear their costumes!

–Mentor Artist Gabby Gamboa

Carnival Costumes at Laurel Dell

We have started our 8-week visual arts unit at Laurel Dell Elementary, during which we are making Carnival costumes and learning about Carnival traditions around the world. Each class is a “crew” or a “band,” and the students chose their own crew themes. All the costumes will be made from some form of paper, and include found and recycled materials. Some crews are making masks of various kinds, and others are making headdresses, and also paper capes or vests.