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Exploring Emotions with Visual Art

Teaching artist Suzanne Joyal is working again with Susan Wilkinson’s early intervention pre-K class at Marindale (It’s been seven years!) This time students are studying Emotions, using materials developed by YIA and perfect for young learners. Students looked at cards featuring children showing an emotion, and then practiced making those faces in mirrors. They learned to look closely to notice what happens to their face when they show different emotions (mouths go down when you’re sad, up when you’re happy, eyebrows go down when you’re angry and up when you’re surprised).

Students then drew their own faces on matching paper, and painted a treasure box to carry everything home in, where they can play a matching game with their family. When art time was over, Susan continued the lesson with songs and movements and more opportunities for young students to practice looking at faces and sharing emotions.

Thank you to the Buck Family Fund of the Marin Community Foundation for supporting this program.

What Makes a Great Leader? : A Collaboration with 5th Grade

Visual Arts Specialist, Ascha Drake, and Bayside Elementary 5th grade teacher, Mr. Mitchell , worked together to develop a unit on leadership.

“What are the characteristics of a great leader?”

“How are you a leader?”

The students looked at African American leaders in history, and listened to, and read many of their writings and speeches.

Then the students began to think of other leaders in the world they admire. And then the students started to consider how they, themselves, are leaders.

“How can I make the world a better place?”

As artists, the 5th graders looked at different ways people portray themselves to the world.

Students then began imagining how they would present themselves to the world, using a contour line drawing technique.

They began making drafts:

And then the students incised their lines into Syrofoam, that became the plate that they then printed using gold, silver, and white ink on black paper.

Each student made an edition of 5 prints.

Students then wrote about what they dream about as leaders, and a bulletin board was created in the Bayside office titled,

“Leaders are Dreamers”