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Art Inspired by Music in Marin Schools

Youth in Arts is partnering with the Marin Symphony to feature children’s artwork inspired by music in the Symphony’s annual Family Concert on February 10. The work will be displayed on monitors in the lobby at the performance, as well as in a projected backdrop for the concert finale.

Mentor Artists Suzanne Joyal and Julia James have worked with 350 students at four schools–Willow Creek Academy in Sausalito/Marin City and Mary Silveira, Bahia Vista and Marindale in San Rafael, teaching students new visual art techniques to help them create art inspired by the music of Hector Berlioz, which will be performed by the Symphony, along with music from the film Brave. Read more…

Willow Creek Academy – “Funky Mask” project

Youth In Arts art instructor K-Dub & his  middle school Willow Creek Academy in Sausalito students mix & create fun cultural masks. After researching traditional masks from around the world, students were instructed to create masks that includes their own “Flava”.

“Thingy Name” project -Willow Creek art students Go Wild!

Willow Creek students “Go Wild” with a fun project designed by Mentor art Teacher Mr. K-Dub. Students were given the task to design their name in “thingys” as their letters. They were instructed to carry a theme throughout their artwork foreground & background. Objects & thingys used were tools,fruit,sports equipment,trees, art supplies and Mr. K-Dub’s favorite selection Bacon! The final watercolor & color pencil works created were very fun and flavorful like this inspired  Dr.Suess themed Lorax by a 5th grade student.

How can we use what we create to inspire YOUTH and COMMUNITY?

Message to Our Community

Mentor Artist K-Dub Williams has designed a year-long project with the teachers of Willow Creek Academy which will culminate in PSA’s by “Elder Avatars” (unique masks created by each teacher). The first Professional Development Workshop explored answering the question “How can we use what we create to inspire Youth and Community?”

We began with theater exercises designed to engage the whole body in the creative process. Teachers were asked to think of a word that represented the superpower their own personal superhero might possess: Listening, Strength, Caring, Inspiration.

When people were warmed up, we moved on to visual arts and began to brainstorm on our “Elder Avatar”. How do we design our masks to visually represent the characteristics of our personal character? First, we worked in paper. We practiced patterns, symmetry, cutting, and attaching pieces securely.

Next time, we move into cardboard and plaster.

Large ears represent a good listener.

Creating a Community SuperHero: Expressing character and a positive message through physical movements.

Collaborating to Create a Tableau Vivant: each person's pose represented the word they contributed to the group's message.

I AM … Digital Design Style

Statement: "I chose the color blue for the font because the picture was a little bit blue and I like to match colors. I also chose to have a plant in my picture because I LOVE nature. Finally, I chose to have the waves in my poem because I felt like swimming." - 5th grade student

For the Willow Creek Voices pilot program, we worked with select 5th and 6th graders in the realm of digital photography. After getting our feet wet learning how to use the camera and hands-on practice with the visual elements that go into composing your photo, we were ready to dive in the class project…visual adaptations from student generated poetry!

In the Adobe Youth Voices Curriculum, we found two great poems to model from… George Ella Lyon’s “I am From” poem and Lisa Storm Frank’s “I Am” poem. What’s so great about these poems (which youth all over the nation have made iterations of), is that structure of the poem asks the writer to dig into sensory-based experiences and unique sweet spots to express who they are. Students plunged right in, and some even took creative liberalities with the poem structure, to include how they see the world, from their perspective.

In both the 5th and 6th grade classes, students were shown both poems and asked to select the template that spoke to them and write their own “I Am” and “I Am From” poem. After writing the poem, students selected one line from the poem and were tasked with taking a photo that would visually describe their poetic line. Students were reminded to think not only of content, but also how framing, angle, composition and color would enhance their meanings. After students took the photos, we set back to the computer lab to learn the basics of Adobe Photoshop Elements and use tools and techniques that would stylistically clean up and enhance their message.


Statement: “This picture is to represent the line, “I am from a place that is empty inside”. I chose this line from my poem because I think that it is very strong statement. To depict my words, I chose to create a glow around the person in my photo – to call attention to the person in a world that is confusing and overwhelming, and it give a feeling a light to my photo…as if that person can bring light to the world. I took this picture by a baseball diamond because it gives the feeling that this place should be full of people playing. So the contrast of a single person brings out loneliness. When I was working in photoshop, I darkened the shadows to add a sad feeling and it helps me get the message out – that in this picture the world is being swallowed by the darkness. I think that we all should pay attention to the darkness that is taking over our world. Pollution is a darkness that consumes the light and we should work on stopping this before our world disappears.” – 6th grade student

Many students took advantage of the ability to crop and re-frame the image once in the photoshop editor….some used the clone stamp to get rid of unwanted elements in their frame (the backpack that was distracting, the bright color on the student shirt that distracted attention from the focal point, the bright spot in the frame that needed to be dulled down). The magic wand was a tool used often, to add subtle color and levels enhancements to specific parts of the image.

Poem by 6th grade student: I am from a place that is lonely I am from a place full of color and happiness I am from a place that is dead with nobody here I am from a tunnel that leads to nowhere I am from a place where fireworks are bursting in the sky I am from a place full of people and life

Overall, students explored the process of artistic creation – from creative writing to surfacing content to capturing an image via a camera to bringing it all together in the photoshop platform. There were some students who decided upon viewing the image they took, the line from the poem needed to be revised, to match what the photo was saying…so they rewrote their poems. In this way,  active listening, to the artistic process and to the relationship between content, form and meaning was encouraged in the workshop.

Statement: I started out with trying to make a photo about a Greek hill or landscape, but after a few pictures I realized that the photos that I was taking were depressing, dark photos. After noticing this, I decided to do a photo about death. In the photoshop and editing stage, I took my favorite picture and took a line from one of the poems that I had written -- “I see death.” I added this line to my picture, to help enhance the feeling of death or sorrow. After a while, I realized that this wasn’t exactly the message I wanted to put out into the world -- so I took one more photo, of a cheerful and spring-like image. I added this to the right side of my canvas, and moved the death image over to the left side. Under the “life” image I added a line from another poem that I wrote -- “I see life.” But even after those changes, the photo did not seem complete, did not seem right…so I decided to make a mash up of both of these messages, in the center frame. What is in between life and death? Me! At this stage, I started to pay attention to my test and something seemed off again. I changed the death wording to “I am death” and the life one to “I am life” and in the middle I put “I am somewhere in between.” - 6th grade student

When adding the text to the photo, students chose between adding the text outside of the photo or in the frame and then made decisions on how to present the text, so it fit with the image.

Although we were all doing the same basic assignment, each student took a different path and approach.  After this process students reported that they now take in color in different ways, saw in terms of framing, and were in awe of all the exciting tools photoshop offered to digitally design their image. Throughout, our intent was to use the tools in the digital design world to navigate our way in the terrain of visual language and artistic expression, and from there to share our creations with the world.

I chose to photograph the rays of the sun because I think that before you come down to earth, your spirit is in heaven with god. Here is my poem: I am from San Ramon hospital I am from my mom's womb I am from the Bay Area I am from a twinkle in my parent's eyes I am from heaven I am from a church -5th grade student


Video Public Service Announcements by 7th graders

For the 2012 spring quarter, a handful of  7th graders from Willow Creek Academy were selected to participate in a pilot program, Willow Creek Voices. While 5th and 6th graders in this program explored digital photography, the 7th graders embarked upon filmmaking!

Filmmaking opens up so many rich possibilities…from expressing your inner creativity, to dancing the fine balance between teamwork and individual contributions.  And then there is all the craft that goes into making a video…from the technical side — how to operate a camera, how to edit it,  and the creative content side — what content to show, how to frame it, what angle, how close or far should the camera be.  Making a video also allows us the opportunity to get up close and personal with something we care about in the world, and do something about it! While some people may think 7th graders don’t care about social issues and the culture around them past the latest fad, it’s not true. The videos created in this workshop certainly stand up to this stereotype.

Throughout the workshop, we drew from process, techniques and tools detailed in the Adobe Youth Voices Create with Purpose Video Curriculum. To set the filmmaking stage and create a film common language [Media literacy], we watched several PSA’s and short videos, to tease out the important elements of a successful video, and to witness how Story, Audience, Message and Style  (SAMS), each play a pivotal role in making a video successful.

Students then got into groups and brainstormed social issues they cared about and what they wanted to contribute to the conversation. From there, students selected one topic and pitched their ideas. Building from our media literacy and  critical explorations, students used the SAMS structure in relation to their own videos, coming up with a clear Story, Target Audience, Message and Style for their PSA. Students went through the process of  Inspiration/Media Literacy,  Brainstorming/Pitching, Pre Production (SAMS structure, script, storyboard, story arc), Production (filming) and Post Production (editing, using Adobe Premiere Elements).


Throughout the process, students crafted the video and made choices based in intention and creating with purpose, while leaving room for the artistic muse to provide inspiration along the way. Team work, as well as leadership and playing to our strengths was encouraged at every turn. For example, some students students took the lead finding copyright free music, while others assembled the rough cut, both working in tandem and with the final project in mind.

Making a video was eye opening at every turn. Perhaps the greatest impression left on the students is that each of us has the ability and opportunity to make a difference, to make a change. And with these videos, this is exactly what these youth hope to do!

Digital Design: Adobe Youth Voices: Create with Purpose

Since March we’ve been working with 5th and 6th graders at Willow Creek Academy and following the Adobe Youth Voices Digital Design curriculum. In this workshop, students have been exploring various key concepts fundamental to digital design and also getting their feet wet learning how to take photos with digital cameras and edit them in  Adobe Photoshop Elements.

This look ok to you?

Checking my framing

To set the stage, we started with media literacy, viewing a variety of visual examples to develop a common language and see, in full vibrancy,  how subject to camera distances (close up, medium shot, long shot), composition, framing, and color play pivotal roles in photography. We leaped from critical analysis to hands on practice with our first exercise — creative portrait.

While taking the portraits, students were encouraged to explore the difference between the close up and long shot, to look what it’s in the frame, what’s left out and connect how technical choices pair with creative meanings.

It's a long shot and I feel alone

Do I look different in my close up? Reflection time

After taking photos, we reconvened and had a “crit”,  to see as a group how the different technical and creative  choices we made did and did not work in relation to our intended meaning.


Throughout the process we highlighted the importance of intentional choices…of course leaving room to pay attention to what is in the frame when the photo snaps and to be present to see where the artistic process wants to take you!
Stay tuned for more news about our final projects…Visual interpretations from an “I Am” poem we wrote, plus advanced editing in Adobe photoshop!

Student Exhibition at The Hannah Project Gallery-Marin City

A must see exhibition by Bayside Elementary & Willow Creek Academy students. The exhibit features fun creative works showcasing projects created by youth under the instruction of Youth in Arts Mentor Artists Ms.Marguerite Etemad & Mr. K-Dub. Exhibit opens today at The Hannah Project Gallery, 170 Donahue Street (next to Best Buy) in Marin City. Opening reception is Tuesday, April 24th 5:30-8pm. There will be a special youth performance at 6:30pm & refreshments provided by the “Growing Great” Marin City program.
Hannah Project Gallery hours  Thurs-Sat. 12:30pm-6pm, Sunday 2:30pm-4:40pm and Mon-Wed by appointment only .

“My SuperFunky MaskTacoTruck MiniTotemThing”

Checkout a preview of “MySuperFunkyMaskTacoTruckTotemThing” project now in production at Willow Creek Academy, Sausalito. Young artist (7th grader), Art Instructor Mr. K-Dub. Works to be included in student art exhibition (details soon) –Peace.

Where Do I Play?

The Kindergarten Artists at Bayside Elementary and Willow Creek Academy  along with their teachers and Youth In Arts Mentor Artist Marguerite Etemad have been exploring their playgrounds. They have asked themselves: Where do I play? Who do I play with? and How do I play?

First we explored different ways to work with the paper, bending, folding, tearing, cutting and gluing.


We spent time observing and drawing our playgrounds.


We looked at pictures of many different playgrounds, talked about what we wanted in our playgrounds and then we made 3D collage's of our favorite playgrounds.


"I notice that some people have stairs, swings and slides." Ithaka

The children enjoyed making minature representations of themselves to put in their playgrounds.

Each artists playground and little self are unique and beautiful

After completing our playgrounds we did observational drawings of them.

Demonstrating observational drawing, learning to really look and see.


Observing closely and drawing slowly.

Next the artists went over their pencil lines with colored sharpies.


Then we painted in the shapes of our playgrounds, remembering to wash our brush in between colors.

Observational playground painting.

Next we decided to explore drawing and painting fantasy playgrounds.

We worked in crayon and watercolor, learning about resist.

We enjoy reflecting on our work together. "I notice the one with purple and blue it looks like it has a rock on top and a grey wall. " Kloe Ann

Fantasy Playground - Trinity "I notice that everyone's is beautiful because they have pretty colors" Adam

We looked at Georgia O'Keeffe's work and talked about capturing the feeling of our playground.

In reflection we told how we were feeling while we were working: "Excited" Zaiden, "Good" Carlie, Ellie and Madeline, "I felt like I was doing a good job" Noel


"That one looks like a floating house with a slide." What do you see that makes you say that? "Because it's up in there and it looks like it's going to outer space." Dontae

The Kindergarten artists and their teachers enjoyed exploring playgrounds.



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