C Street Project Art Portfolio Review

C Street Project Art Portfolio Review

Do you want to share your vision with others?

Youth in Arts is looking for teens who are passionate and interested in the arts, social justice and self-expression. Come show us whatever visual art forms you are passionate about. From oil painting to digital art, we want to see what you love to do in the arts.

Youth in Arts C Street Project brings together a small group of exceptional young people of diverse experiences to produce high quality public art experiences.

The program runs Tuesday & Thursday nights from 5-7 pm. Students will be expected to commit to the program which includes art exhibits throughout the year.

Passionate and dedicated high school artists are encouraged to apply.

Tuition is $150/monthly. Scholarships are available and no student will be turned away due to lack of funds.

Questions? Need help? Contact Youth in Arts at 415-457-4878 or yia@youthinarts.org