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5.13.19: `Til Dawn Auditions

Attention high school singers: If you will be in grades 9 -12 in 2019-20, love to sing and are ready to commit to rehearsing and performing with an award-winning high school a cappella ensemble, audition for `Til Dawn this Spring! Read on below for more information and a link to our audition registration form.

Anna at the 2018 Sing Out!
Photo courtesy or Rob Goldman

`Til Dawn Auditions
Monday, May 13, 2019, 4:00 pm
YIA Studio
Youth in Arts
917 C Street, San Rafael CA


More information about auditioning for `Til Dawn…

What should I prepare?

Auditionees should prepare one minute of one song of any genre. It’s probably better if the genre is pop, jazz, rock, r&b, gospel, folk or blues, though, since that’s the stuff that we typically sing.


How long will the audition process take?

This one is a hard one to answer. It’s partially dependent on turnout, but we encourage you to be ready to stay until 10:30pm. Don’t worry though, rehearsals are never this late.  Please bring a snack for yourself and a coat in case it it cold.

What is the audition process like?

  • Step One: Sing a song of your choice a cappella
  • Step Two: Pitch matching. We play a series of pitches on the keyboard and you sing them back on whatever vowel you want.
  • Step Three: Sing a background part in a quintet/sextet with ‘Til Dawn. We teach you a background part to one of our songs and, one by one, each auditionee comes in and sings it with a quintet/sextet.

Should I bring a resumé or photo?

We don’t need a resume or a headshot. We take a digital photo to remember you by.

Time Commitment

‘Til Dawn is an advanced performance group and rehearses five hours a week, roughly forty-eight weeks a year. In addition to the rehearsals, ‘Til Dawn averages about 35 performances a year; these typically include a mix of community events, fairs, festivals, elementary and middle schools, private parties, mental health centers and radio and television appearances. The tuition is $200/month. Scholarships are available and no students will be turned away for lack of funds. The group typically goes on three weekend-long retreats a year to strengthen the interpersonal relationships in the group. We are looking for people who want to learn about music, about performing, about listening and about being a part of an ensemble.

For more information (or for a printed version) download our `Til Dawn Information Sheet (PDF)

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If there are any questions you still have after reading all our information, feel free to email Austin Willacy.