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917 "C" Street
San Rafael, California 94901
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#YIACre8tes Conversations Start: 6/8 at 1pm

We believe art can change lives and amplify voices. Access to creativity enables youth to ask difficult questions of themselves and of the world. Making a difference starts today, right now, with those around us.

Starting Monday, June 8th, we will be providing free daily digital arts-based lessons on how to introduce young children to topics around race, identity, and racism. At 1pm on Monday, Wednesday & Friday #YIACre8tes Conversations will offer opportunities for creativity and dialogue to co-mingle towards change. We invite kids, parents, educators and community members to join us @youthinarts on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to create, ask questions, and open up the discussion about race. So let’s get started…together!

YIA Cre8tes Conversations
1:00pm on Mon, June 8; Wed, June 10; Fri, June 12
Live-streamed on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube