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Educator Workshop: Arts Integration Primer

Artist: Miko Lee

Type: Professional Development for Educators, Workshops

A day-long workshop for teachers (or other educators) on how arts programming can enrich the goals, objectives and culture of the school community, as well as emphasizing the art of teaching.  Through hands-on experiences, teachers gain an increased understanding of arts integration, both theory and practical applications. The Arts Integration Primer Workshop highlights:
  • Identifying school and classroom objectives that align with Arts Planning
  • California Visual and Performing Arts Frameworks and Standards
  • Innovative visual, performing and literary arts activities across different grade levels
  • Multiple intelligence theory in the classroom
  • Arts integrated curriculum planning
  • Collaborating with teaching artists
Take-aways include arts integrated lesson plans, curriculum planning tools and informational resources. Content can be shaped to focus sample activities on specific academic curriculum threads (i.e. STEM, Common Core, etc.) at your request. Guided brainstorming and discussion included in the day's activities prepare participants to take arts integration to the next level at their school site.


Audience Limit: Teaching staff for one school or program site

Program Length: One day

Appropriate for Grades:


Assembly Price: N/A

Assembly Back-to-Back Price: N/A

Workshop Cost per Day: $2000

Workshop Materials Fee: If specific types of sample arts activities are requested, materials fees may apply

Travel Fee:

Technical Requirements

Adequate space for group sessions with hands-on arts activities. We can adapt this program to most facilities--let us know what is available.


Curriculum Connections

Common Core Standards (Literacy)
Common Core Standards (Math)
History-Social Science
Language Arts
Physical Education
Special Education
World Languages