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Passport Art Event

Artist: Multiple Artists

Type: Residencies, Workshops


“Passport Events" are generally full-day events (5-7 hours) with a minimum of four art stations to explore. Groups of students (usually classroom groups) visit the event on schedule throughout the day in 5-6 sessions. An afternoon/evening event can also be structured as a "family night" at your site. A wide range of stations featuring visual and performing art forms from around the world are available. We can customize your event to connect to curriculum themes, to address specific parts of the world or to provide the maximum diversity, with stations representing all the corners of the globe. We also offer "Arts Voyage Workshops" for middle and high school students in their social studies classrooms that are linked to specific grade level standards. Please see our workshop listings.


"Passport" events are custom priced based on the number of students served, number of stations and other considerations. Please contact us for your customized estimate. The examples below are for general information only. $3,700 -- “Passport Event" with 2 visual arts and 2 performing arts stations for up to 300 students in 5 sessions (60 per session) $4,500 – “Passport Event" with 2 visual arts and 3 performing arts stations for up to 450 students in 6 sessions (85 per session) $5,500 – “Passport Event" with 3 visual arts and 3 performing arts stations for up to 540 students in 6 sessions (90 per session). Pricing includes supplies and YIA staff support to fully manage your event, from planning to completion. Some art forms require additional fees for materials.

Station Options


Audience Limit: Approximately 600 students--if your site is larger, discuss with our staff

Program Length: Typically 5-7 hours (evening events may be shorter)

Appropriate for Grades:
Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade


Assembly Price: N/A

Assembly Back-to-Back Price: N/A

Workshop Cost per Day: Custom priced--contact our staff

Workshop Materials Fee: Discuss with our staff

Travel Fee:

Technical Requirements

Indoor space to accommodate all of the students per session (some stations can be outside, weather permitting), tables and electrical outlets. PA system desirable.


Curriculum Connections

History-Social Science