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Residency: Creative Movement

Artist: Multiple Artists

Type: Early Childhood, Residencies, Students with Special Needs


Students perceive and respond, using the elements of dance. They demonstrate movement skills, process sensory information, and describe movement, using the vocabulary of dance. Students apply choreographic principles, processes, and skills to create and communicate meaning through improvisation, composition, and performance of dance. Create and improvise movement patterns and sequences. *This residency can be adapted for special education and alternative education programs, as part of Arts Unite Us.


Residency pricing is flexible depending on the number of classrooms and number of sessions. You can find residency pricing information for general education classrooms here. For “Arts Unite Us” scheduling and pricing information for special education and alternative education programs, email us or call 415-457-4878.


Audience Limit: 35 per classroom (for general education residencies)

Program Length: Minimum 8 sessions each in 2 classrooms (for general education residencies)

Appropriate for Grades:
Secondary SDC, Pre-K, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 5th Grade


Assembly Price: N/A

Assembly Back-to-Back Price: N/A

Workshop Cost per Day: N/A

Workshop Materials Fee: N/A

Travel Fee:

Technical Requirements


Curriculum Connections

Physical Education