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Residency: Paper Puppets and Story Building

Artist: Risa Dye

Type: Early Childhood, Residencies

Students collaborate to create a basic paper puppet show, using jointed paper puppets. With carefully chosen inspiration and provocations, students work together to build a story, focusing on elements of story- the setting, characters and plot. Stories are made relevant to the classroom’s curriculum. Students learn and apply basic drawing and design techniques, using pen, ink and paint. The students create and design characters for the story so that they function as performing paper puppets. They design backdrops for the story. This culminates in a performance of puppets, the students showcase their work for their peers and teachers.


Audience Limit:

Program Length: 45 minutes

Appropriate for Grades:
4th Grade, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 5th Grade


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Technical Requirements


Curriculum Connections

Common Core Standards (Literacy)
History-Social Science
Language Arts