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Residency: Playwriting & Production

Artist: Multiple Artists

Type: Residencies, Students with Special Needs


Using improvisation, theater games and creative writing exercises, students engage in the creative process of play development from initial concept to final production. Students learn basic theater concepts, terms, and skills. Actors explore the use of their bodies and voices as they create characters and explore storytelling. Students utilize their own creative talents to transform raw material onto a finished piece. The course culminates in a performance of the work created. Students will be on their feet taking risks, making dramatic choices, and inventing, analyzing and reworking stories and scenes. Mentor Artist will cover concepts such as conflict, objectives, action, character development, tension, climax, and basic composition. This course will be particularly useful for students with low reading and writing levels as it approaches literacy through movement, emotions and action. *This residency can be adapted for special education and alternative education programs, as part of Arts Unite Us. It can also be offered as an Arts Unite Us Collaborative Residency bringing together special education and general education students. For “Arts Unite Us” scheduling and pricing information for special education and alternative education programs, email us or call 415-457-4878.


Playwriting & Production is typically offered as an after school residency or as a project bringing together multiple classrooms. Information on general education classroom residency pricing is here.


Audience Limit: Final performance can be for entire school

Program Length: Minimum 8 sessions each in 2 classrooms (typically after school or bringing together multiple classrooms)

Appropriate for Grades:
Secondary SDC, 3rd Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade, 9th Grade, 10th Grade, 11th Grade, 12th Grade, All Grades


Assembly Price: N/A

Assembly Back-to-Back Price: N/A

Workshop Cost per Day: N/A

Workshop Materials Fee: N/A

Travel Fee:

Technical Requirements


Curriculum Connections

History-Social Science
Language Arts
Physical Education
Special Education