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Residency Pricing


Photo by Peter Rodgers

Design a Residency to Meet Your Needs and Budget

Youth in Arts residency prices are flexible, based on the art form, number of classrooms participating and number of sessions planned in each classroom. We can help you design a residency that meets your needs and budget. For “Arts Unite Us” residencies in special education classrooms, call 415-457-4878 ext. 120 for special pricing information.

For general education classrooms, our 2016-17 prices average about $105 per classroom session. A minimum of 6 sessions in 2 classrooms per residency is required. To discuss the specific details of your residency and get a custom estimate, email Suzanne Joyal or call 415-457-4878 ext. 120.

Youth in Arts considers “one classroom” to mean a group of 20-35 students who meet regularly as a class. We have a maximum class size of 35 for most residencies.

What’s Included?

The price of your residency will include supplies and one planning meeting with participating classroom teachers and the Mentor Artist, plus a simple culminating “sharing session”, such as a classroom “gallery walk” or performance for another classroom.

A few of our residencies do involve special fees. Examples include residencies utilizing special art supplies or visual arts residencies in classrooms of more than 25 students. We can also supplement residencies with professional artist performances and special events (teacher training, family art nights) that have additional costs.

In addition to the sharing session included in all residencies, we would love to help you to coordinate a more significant opportunity for your students to share their learning and work. Options include performances or art exhibits at schoolwide events or evening community events, or even an exhibit at our downtown San Rafael YIA Gallery. Additional fees will apply to coordinate these larger events, which are a wonderful opportunity for your students and community. Talk to our staff about your ideas!