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Travel the World


Photo by Peter Rodgers

Learn About Other Countries and Cultures Through the Arts

Youth in Arts “Travel the World” programs use visual and performing arts to share the diversity of world cultures while revealing the common ties we share as citizens of the world.

Many Youth in Arts programs provide an opportunity to learn an international art form. Use the “Travel the World” filters in our online program guide to find Assemblies, Workshops and Residencies.

In addition to residencies and assembly performances in our online program guide, we also offer the following unique program models that help students to “travel the world” through the arts. Questions? Email or call 415-457-4878 ext. 120 for more information.

Passport Workshops

“Passport Workshops” share the artistic traditions of other countries and cultures through one- or two-class period interactive presentations aligned with Social Studies standards for grades 5 -8. Search our online guide for the perfect workshop for your students. Prices start at $200 per art form, depending on number of classrooms. If you know the workshop you want, use our online program request form to start the booking process.

Passport Art Event

Your “Passport Art Event” will be a full day or evening of art making, taking your students and/or families on a “trip around the world” through the arts! Students “travel” from station to station, learning from a diverse, multilingual team of visual and performing artists. Pricing starts at $3700, depending on number of students and stations. Learn more here. Ready to book? Use our online program request form to start the booking process and request your preferred date.

International Arts Exchanges

These unique residencies or community-based workshops pair Bay Area youth with peers in Africa or Asia, providing in-depth arts instruction in both countries leading up to an exchange of wearable art items. Students learn about each other’s countries and cultures while learning to create art that embodies their personal ideas and values. Youth in Arts works with international nonprofit partners to provide this unique program in both school and community settings. Learn more here. Email or call 415-457-4878 ext. 120 to discuss bringing this special exchange program to your site.